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Why a Presale?

Tickets for Rockstar Woman events sell FAST! This Presale is a special offering for persons, organizations, and community partners who want to ensure their groups of 10 or more get in the room for the 2023 Brunch Experience. Additionally, purchasing presale tables of 10 provides the benefit of reserved seating. This benefit applies to the in-person ticket option only.

Do I need to know all of my guest’s names at time of presale registration?

No. At presale registration, you are not required to enter specific guest names. The person completing the Presale registration process will be responsible for ensuring each individual guest registers by or before June 1st.  Here’s the process:

  1. The person who registers and pays for the presale table of 10 is the point of contact for the group. 
  2. By or before May 5th, that point of contact will receive a special code by email.  The group point of contact is responsible for providing each of their guests with that code.
  3. Each guest must return to beginning May 5th, but no later than June 1st  to register using that code. The RSW Brunch Box is customized by size for each  attendee. As a result each guest must register individually.
  4. Shannon Cohen, Inc. will not be responsible for guests who fail to register by the June 1st deadline or guest exchanges made after June 1st.
  5. Please refrain from sharing your code with anyone other than your guests.

Make sure the following addresses are routed to your email to avoid loss of correspondence in “spam” folders:;;;

Will my group be able to sit together?

YES!! A major benefit of the Presale is receiving a reserved table for your group!

What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit Card payments only. Full payment is required at the time of purchase.

How do I access the Presale? Once you are on the site, the steps are simple:

  1. Enter your contact information
  2. Select the number of tables you are reserving
  3. Make a payment
  4. You are done…for now.
  5. A special code will be created just for YOUR registered table(s). Once registration opens for all attendees, on Mother’s Day weekend, you and your guests may begin registering, individually, using the code provided. 

Is the presale the same as sponsorship?

No. The differences are outlined below.

Presale Tables of 10  are available for booking April 21st - May 4th. This is a special access offering for group ticket sales only. Individual tickets sales will begin Friday, May 5th, 2023. Presale tickets have limited availability. If available presale spots sell out before May 4th, the portal will close.

Sponsorship is financial, or in-kind commitment made on behalf of an organization in exchange for benefits and recognition, which is applied to reduce the overall cost of the event. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities at

What if you sell out of Brunch tickets with group sales? How does the Presale impact individual ticket sales?

A subset of event tickets have been earmarked for presale. There will be plenty of seats still available for individual attendees. Individual ticket sales begin Friday, May 5th

I only have 8 people - not 10 - what to do?

In order to take advantage of the Presale, a group must purchase a full table of 10 seats.  If you know of other smaller groups that would like to merge, that may be a way to lock in your full table of 10. You can also purchase a table of 10, and donate extra seats to Shannon Cohen, Inc. for gifting to women in the community via our scholarship program.

What if someone from the group can’t make it, can we get a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable. In order to ensure customized apparel for each guest, all presale guests must register using the group code assigned by or before June 1st.

Any guest transitions made between June 1st-August 31st, will result in the incoming guest receiving the exact box of the person they are replacing.  Apparel changes can not be made after June 1st given the custom nature of the Brunch Box.  Guest transitions after September 1st cannot be accommodated.

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