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Embrace your growth journey! This community is a mosaic of emerging, growing, and established leaders with a shared commitment to collective lift! Let us help you seize opportunities, ignite your potential, and embrace challenges as stepping stones toward success.

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Build meaningful connections, and cross-pollinate ideas + strategies with fellow Rockstar Women!

You are a catalyst for change! Amplify your impact. Exchange fresh perspective and wisdom. Build meaningful connections, and get involved in a community committed to helping you restore your soul as you lead well!

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The Rockstar Woman

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Cross-pollination of highly skilled, high-achieving women.

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Directory of influential and like-minded Rockstar Women.

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Guided opportunities for cultural exploration and experiences.

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A curated annual celebration of Rockstar leaders like you.
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Discover the power of a circular economy firsthand as you amplify your B2B growth with exclusive access.

“I am in awe that every word, phrase, speaker, and even the gifts feel like they were curated for me.”

The Rockstar Woman

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Embark on a journey of growth and empowerment through membership, enjoying the inspirational bimonthly 2024 Speaker Sessions and an exclusive member rate for the uplifting 6th Annual Rockstar Woman Brunch.

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“Shannon knows how to inspire women to show up for themselves so they can show up for others.”

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